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Cat hammock Window Pod

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Instantly turn any window into a kitty entertainment center Pet Products EZ Mount Kitty Sill Window Cat Bed. The convenient design attaches to any window in virtually seconds, using the proven suction cup mounting system for reassuring security. And with a half-pod, open design, it gives your cat a full view of the world outside and inside, while offering a safe and secure spot to lay. And when he’s ready to take a break from watching over the world.


Key Benefits
  • Securely attaches to any window in seconds with the proven suction cup mounting system.
  • Half-pod design is completely open at the top so that cats can easily enter and exit.
  • Includes a soft, warm, and cushy Kitty Pad to make it ultra-comfortable for snoozing.
  • Gives cats an out-of-reach escape from dogs and children in the household.
  • Perfect for sunbathing and watching over the house; comes in two fun colors.


What's Included

Soft, warm, cushy Kitty Pad for hours of snoozing and watching over the household.


1) Thoroughly clean your window, making sure the window is completely dry and free from residue. (Note that window cleaners can leave a residue)

2) Clean the suction cups with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the suction cups and the window where the suction cup will be applied. Allow to dry completely.

Helpful Hint: Warm suction cups are easier to mount than cold ones. Try soaking the suction cups in hot water (around 160°F) prior to installation to help the suction cups grip to the window and reduce deformation that may have happened during shipping.

3) Your Kitty Sill includes push n’ turn suction cups on the sides. Turn the tensioning knobs counter clockwise, to loosen the cup mechanism. Loosen them until they almost come off the threaded posts.

4) Position the Kitty Sill level against the window and gently push the bottom suction cup against the window to help stabilize the kitty sill to complete suction cup installation.

5) On both the left and right side: Place the push n’ turn suction cups (with the loosened knob) against the window, making sure the kitty sill is level. Firmly push the end of each knob to remove air from each cup. Slowly turn the tensioning knobs on each cup clockwise until tight. Do not over tighten.

6) On a monthly basis, remove your Kitty Sill and repeat steps 1 through 5. This will help reduce the risk of the cups losing their hold.

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