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Infinity Cube Lamp

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At first glance, this mind-bending lamp appears to be some sort of Photoshop trick, but it's real, and all just a clever illusion that looks to be straight from a science fiction movie. Created by New York-based artist Sean Augustine March, this desktop ‘lamp’ was created using a combination of dichroic and reflective glass, which in turn create a colorful light show from all angles.

The piece is officially named after the 19th-century physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel who invented the compound lenses needed to produce the parallel beams still employed by lighthouses today. It uses a 10 inch dichroic glass cube with a five inch inner cube and is powered by a five watt LED that is good for over 200,000 hours of continuous usage.
  • With beautiful and unique design, there will be completely different color rendering from different angles at the same environment
  • This product is a craft that can only be used in optical experiments and science recognition. 
  • A visually stunning, endless art piece.
  • illumination designed with light is manufactured with magic.
  • Served use as an ambient light or a centre piece.
  • Impress with Cube the greatest conversation starter yet
  • Unique and creative and Hi-tech manufacturing
  • Aesthetically Designed, Suitable for Worldwide Usage


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